/My Favorite SEO Hack to Increase Website Traffic | Neil Patel

My Favorite SEO Hack to Increase Website Traffic | Neil Patel

Have you tried all thosetraffic hacks in the market that me and all theseother, quote unquote, professionals and marketing expertshave told you, but you located that you are getting verylittle visitors or outcome? Well, you understand what, I’mgonna change that today. Hello every person, i’m Neil Patel,and in these days i am gonna share with you my favorite hack toincrease your website visitors that you’re no longer utilising. (upbeat tune) before we get started, makesure you subscribe or comply with this channel, whateversocial channel you’re on, if you wanna stay up-to-datewith the modern-day and finest in marketing know-how,be certain you subscribe. What is that this hack? Do you relatively think it can be that excellent? Is it? Can not be, Neil, proper? Well, believe me.I bet lower than 1% of youare making use of this tactic. You have heard of GoogleSearch Console, right? Good, of course you’ve got. I’ve pointed out it, Google’stalked about it, every person who’s a marketer has mentioned it. But here is what i want you to do. Trust me. You’re now not doing this. First, go into Google Search Console. Second, appear for all thekeywords that you’re rating for which might be riding themajority of the site visitors. They must be ranked at the top within your Google Search Console. It probably indicates you themost wellknown keywords that you get essentially the most clicksfor to the least popular ones at the backside. Now i would like you to take thosekeywords and click on on ’em. Google Search Console will exhibit you which web page that key phrase is pointing to. This is relatively primary. Once you have finished this, younow know probably the most standard key phrases which might be drivingtraffic to your internet site. Should you guys already be aware of howto do that, and you’ve gotten achieved this before, remark with a sure.If you don’t know how one can dothis, please remark with a I’ve by no means executed this earlier than or a no. The intent i’m asking you todo that is this may occasionally support me create future movies so I knowwhat to instruct you on and what i know to not educate you on’reason i don’t wanna regurgitate the same informationthat you already know. However as I recounted, you’re now not doing this. And assess this out, I’mnot speaking in regards to the Google Search Console part.You now have the keywordsthat are riding site visitors and what pages they will. Take that keyword andput it into Ubersuggest. Ubersuggest will show you allthe Google advise versions of that key phrase. What I imply via Google suggestis, have you each done a Google search and you starttyping in things like advertising and marketing, and it begins recommendingother lengthy tail phrases which might be much like marketingthat other humans seek for? These are other standard terms. If you know that you’re ranking for phrases like advertising and marketing,what Ubersuggest will do is it’ll exhibit you allthe long tail phrases. See with Google, it’s muchharder to rank for head terms than it’s to rankfor lengthy tail terms. So take something phrases thatyou’re already ranking for that’s using the majorityof your visitors, print to Ubersuggest it’ll exhibit you allthe other identical long tail phrases that you should beusing within that web web page.Now i need you to head backto your internet page and i want you to combine those key terms in there. It might be that you canjust add them in when you consider that your contents are alreadysimilar to those key words. It could be that you’ve got toupdate your content, add in paragraphs and paragraphs oftext which is exceptional as good. You’ll be able to also in finding that someof these key phrases aren’t relevant adequate to yourcontent and that implies that you may want to write a secondaryarticle or one other article round that one lengthy tail phrase. Now that you have completed this,i want you to also update your title tag and yourmeta description to comprise these most wellknown termsthat Ubersuggest confirmed you.Now that you’ve completed that,take that URL, go back into Google Search Console andsubmit it for re-indexing. Whenever you publish it forre-indexing, what you can to find is it’ll get re-crawled by using Google again. Within 30 days, you’ll noticethat your page that was once already ranking for a headterm, a popular time period that was riding a lot of yourtraffic, will also now start rating for lengthy tailphrases and you’ll be getting all this extra trafficthat you under no circumstances had earlier than. That is my site visitors hack. It’s easy, it is effortless to dobut most men and women do not use it considering the fact that it makes use of tools likeGoogle Search Console and Ubersuggest separatelyinstead of mixing them. Whilst you mix them,you’ll be able to get much more visitors and excellent of all both ofthese instruments are totally free. Thanks for watching, makesure you adore this video, share it, subscribe tothe channel and of course if your stressed on anysteps of this tactic leave a remark below, let me knowwhere you are struggling and i will respond serving to you out.

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