/Top 5 Online Opportunities To Start In 2019 (that earn $1000+ per month)

Top 5 Online Opportunities To Start In 2019 (that earn $1000+ per month)

Hey, so if you ever stop thinking about starting your own business online, maybe you tried to business in the past This hasn’t really worked. Maybe you tried one of those brick-and-mortar businesses Maybe you’ve put a lot of money down and a lot of people have done that well in this video I’m going to show you five different ways that you can start a business online. You don’t need any experience You don’t need to go to four-year degrees. You don’t need to do any of that all you need to have is the desire to want to go out and Take action and make this happen for you Before we jump into the video there’s going to be a subscribe button and a bell to hit that real quick because what I’m going to do is I’ll send you all the videos and then you won’t miss any of them So let me start with I’m going to start with number five and I’m going to work my way down to number one now all of these Anybody can do all of these I have done I’ve used all of these and have made money with all of these Okay.

So all you got to do is just research them get them up and running and get them going for you So number five membership sites, you’re not familiar with membership sites All it is is just you taking content You put it in in behind a what is called a paywall so somebody comes to the front end They have to pay a membership fee in order to get into that membership area. Netflix is a membership site now I’m not saying go out from certain Netflix But what I’m saying is is Netflix is a membership type site Now the great thing about membership areas and membership sites is that it’s it’s consistent money that comes in it’s it’s passive income is recurring income that recurring income is so important because When you get a ton of members in your member’s area I mean if you had a couple hundred members in your members area paying 19 May 29 dollars per month that starts to add up really good money couple different softwares that you can use you can go to WordPress, you can find some some membership plugins, like optimized, press what I like to use is Kajabi is one that’s been around for a while.

They just have everything set up if everything super simple All I have to do is just go in there and get started with them and they’ll handle all of your memberships You know content and all your videos and all the payments everything. So just use wasabi for membership sites So the next one’s going to be social media agency I think this is one of the one going to be one of the easier ones to jump into because you think about local 8 local businesses that like brick and mortar and Things like that. They need help with their social media So they need to be they need somebody come in and help them Set up their Twitter accounts or their Facebook accounts or YouTube accounts and you get to charge them each month to handle their social media Platforms you go in and maybe you can post to different social medias that they have set up and you can create content for them You can create a regular scheduled content that goes up onto their social media platform So if they want to make some videos you can upload those videos to YouTube if they want to create some content you’ll help them Put that content onto Facebook if you want to if they wish want to you know Allow you to just completely hands-off and you do everything.

That’s a possibility, too But make sure you do charge businesses pretty good money for this I’m talking you know thousand dollars fifteen hundred dollars each month to handle their social media accounts because hey They don’t have time they don’t have time to go off and create these businesses and create these social media accounts They need your help. So charge them for it, If you have a couple of businesses in your area that you’re doing this for on a monthly basis You can really give them great service a couple of software programs that you can use you can use Buffer calm to handle all this social media That goes out you can handle a HubSpot I think cup spot.

Yeah, hub spot know HootSuite. HootSuite is the other one That allows you to post content you can schedule it goes out on a consistent basis a lot of my content from my social media I haven’t done through what’s called buffer. And what I can do is I could program pieces of content that go out Schedule it out. That way. It’s consistently going out all the time So you can do that for any business and all you have to do is just go to any business ask them Hey, I’m going to take over your social media accounts. You guys don’t want to worry about it. I’ll handle it for you I’ll take our you know, put up all the content.

I’ll put up all the videos and I’ll do it all for you Alright number three is going to be print on demand clothing. So this has been around awhile, but you think of like teetering and Being able to print t-shirts right there the new one That’s come out is merged by Amazon which I think is great because there’s so many Prime members inside of mert are inside of Amazon right now that that merch by Amazon print on demand clothing is super cool right now and that’s and the reason I like that is because You can create a piece of clothing. You can put it into the merch my Amazon your account get that t-shirt up into the marketplace and let all those like there’s like a hundred million people in Prime They’re going to be going right into and seeing your print on demand shirts. You have kind of a built in marketplace with Amazon That’s why I really like the print on demand with merch by Amazon Now you can use teetering and you can use some of these other ones But I just think that your when you get into merch by Amazon You’re just plugging right into a big database of people that are ready to buy your product.

Okay, so print on demand Clothing is going to be a great way for you to have a good side business coming in Amazon handles everything so when somebody You know buys a t-shirt Amazon shifts it they print it and then they send you a royalty check at the end of the month Alright, so the next one is going to be flipping products on eBay. So what you’re going to be doing with this is And this is something that I’ve done tons and tons of times just taking old products and then put them up on eBay but what I’ve done a lot of times is just finding local like You know, like garage sales and people that are estate sales things like that.

You can go in there You can buy super cheap stuff and you can turn around take pictures of it and turn flip it up on ebay It’s really simple very easy. There’s going to be a lot of Estate sales that people are really trying to get rid of stuff, you know Maybe somebody in the family passed away and they’re just trying to dump all the stuff and they’ll just get rid of stuff So cheap and you can take pictures up and put it up on eBay and people will bid You know crazy out of those products because they just haven’t seen them Also with local garage sales same thing You can go into a local garage sale find some good products that are really cheap that people just don’t value anymore Take those take pictures up and put them up on eBay and you can sell those It’s you know, eBay has been around a long time It’s a great way to just take products and put them up there So flipping products on eBay is a great business for you.

And then the number one is going to be affiliate marketing. I love it It’s been around a long time it’s just one of those things where I feel like anybody can do it because you can just go find a product or service and You can start promoting that product or service. If you have a great software out there. They’re saying like click funnels Click bottles is a great software you can take that, you know click funnels and you can promote click funnels and you can actually get a percentage of the Money that comes in off click funnels any product out there that somebody creates could be a product of you know Any type of service or a software? You can actually become an affiliate of that product They’ll give you a special link you promote it and then you get paid for it.

You don’t have to create anything You don’t have to ship anything. Everything’s done for you I mean even with Amazon you can actually promote any products on the Amazon store So anything on you see on Amazon you go to Amazon Associates, and there’ll be a link at the top You’ll be able to grab that link It’s unique to you and then you’ll be able to promote that product to whoever you know out there You can create YouTube channels. You can create Twitter accounts You can create Facebook accounts all that all that social media as long as you start to grab the attention and you grab an audience you can promote Anything you want to them? Ok.

So there you go. You got membership sites You got social media agencies, you get a print-on-demand clothing flipping products on eBay and you get affiliate marketing Those are the five ways to generate some income for yourself Hey, if you want to get some information on passive income, there’s going to be a link in the description hit that real quick I’ll send you my number-one Recommend an opportunity right here online a so if you like this video click on the like button share it with your friends comment below Let me know how I can help.

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